IONEX has specialized in the development and manufacture of equipment and systems used in processing of chemical and nuclear waste. The emphasis that IONEX has put on research/development, design, engineering, fabrication, and quality assurance provides our customers the assurance that our equipment and system will conform to all specified requirements. The high standard of design, fabrication, and quality assurance provides our customers with the following:   

  •  Experienced technical personnel for consultation on the use of our products in your specific application, 
  • Assured product quality and uniformity,  
  • Expedited delivery and personal service, when required for a schedule that only a small company can provide,
  • Special order services for new or unique custom-designed equipment requiring special design criteria, unique applications, and/or special performance standards.  


IONEX products are often used in lethal service applications related to the containment and processing of nuclear contamination or chemical weapons. To support these applications, IONEX has developed and maintained the highest levels of quality in the industry.  IONEX is experienced in expedited reviews of submitted engineering documents, timely resolution of engineering questions and evolving contract requirements.   

 IONEX engineers and designers have a working knowledge of the latest revisions of the codes and standards to provide support for customized specifications. Our established QA system conforms to ASME NQA-1 and we are a current holder of the ASME Section VIII "U" and "R" stamps. Our welders are familiar with and qualified to ASME Section IX, and regularly perform stainless steel and higher alloy welding processes.  

  Our program has been successfully applied to the fabrication of nuclear equipment over the past ten years. IONEX is qualified, prepared, and capable of accepting the commitment necessary to expedite the design and fabrication of nuclear equipment to meet specifications.   


IONEX has provided many Mining Sites with stainless steel housings which incorporate several stages of carbon adsorption to remove airborne concentrations of VOCs and mercury.  

The stages include a bed of selected charcoal to specifically provide efficient removal of organic compounds follow by two stages of another selected charcoal providing highly efficient removal of mercury.

 IONEX has provided systems which results in VOC and Mercury removal of virtually 100%. Mechanical efficiency of the beds is verified to be greater than 99.9%; and the selection of specific charcoal type, residence time and mesh size is made for highly efficient, reliable, predictable, and proven contaminant removal capability.  


IONEX is a supplier of custom environmental control systems; and over the years we have developed proprietary technology for both small portable systems as well as large scale treatment systems for permanent industrial processes. Several features available exclusively from IONEX include: 

Design of systems which are custom-tailored to your specific requirements.  

Process equipment which is completely shop-fabricated and factory-tested to enable ease of site installation and start-up. 

Small-to-medium sized systems employing modular adsorber cells which can be replaced using personnel-protecting bagging methods 

Large adsorption systems serviced using bulk loading techniques permitting replacement of contaminated primary adsorption beds while leaving secondary adsorbers undisturbed for continued operation, 

Overall system design which maximizes effective adsorbent utilization for lowest replacement volume and waste disposal.